Mekong Island Cambodia

Mekong Island Cambodia - Phnom Penh

Mekong Island Cambodia is absolutely a beautiful place that can be easily reached by boats departing from Phnom Penh. Sailing to the island, wandering around and coming back to Phnom Penh will take about half a day but it worth the trip.

I had the opportunity to take these marvelous photos in Mekong Island at sunset that repaid me of the travel all day along the dusty road with my motorbike.

Away from the tuk tuks, the motorbikes, the massages, the pizza and the bars, is a truly unique experience. It's as simple as going on a pedal through the Mekong Islands that lie just north of Phnom Penh. Return to the city with a new view on Phnom Penh and on Cambodia. 

If you can ride a bike, then you will love this ride. The distance is approximately 25km on mainly flat tracks and small roads. We will stop often to chat with the locals and learn a little about what everyone is up to. There are lots of snack and water stops as well as some great river ferry crossings. 

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